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Welcome to the website of Lambda Iota Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. In this website the Brothers of Lambda Iota Upsilon Fraternity, Inc wants to share you their History, Culture, Philanthropy and provide information to future prospects and invite you to be part of our events.

The Brothers of Lambda Iota Upsilon Fraternity Inc. in an effort to foster the development of a lifetime of friendships formed a Fraternity in order to convey social, historical & cultural information which we believe will strengthen our brothers belief in social equality and justice as well as helping us to maintain high scholastic standing, supporting school activities and rendering services to both the school and local community.


Founded - October 18. 1998, SUNY Delhi.

Colors - Black, White, Silver, and Red.
Mascot - Sabertooth Tiger.
Motto - Unidos Nunca Seremos Vencidos!

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SUNY Delhi 2 Main Street
Delhi, NY 13753.
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